Zack Furness, PhD is Assistant Professor of Communications at Penn State University, Greater Allegheny and author of the book, One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility (Temple University Press, 2010). He is co-editor of The NFL: Critical and Cultural Perspectives (Temple University Press, 2013), editor of Punkademics (Minor Compositions & Autonomedia, 2012), and he has written for a number of edited collections, journals, and non-academic publications including Punk Planet, Souciant, and Bitch. Furness was a longtime editor and contributor to Bad Subjects, one of the pioneering publications on the Internet, and has played in punk bands off and on since 1997. He currently sings in Barons.

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Zack Furness, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communications
Penn State University, Greater Allegheny
4000 University Drive
McKeesport, PA 15132